August 10, 2022

New questions are raised as Trump implies Melania didn’t know why he went to the hospital

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President Trump’s visit to Walter Reed Army Medical center on a previously unannounced Saturday trip has raised a lot of speculation about a potential medical emergency that the White House has tried to tamp down.


When a statement from the White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham — describing the excursion as being dedicated to a portion of the president’s annual physical — failed to quell questions about why the exam was accelerated from its normal February schedule, the White House had the president’s personal physician issue a letter denying that Trump had any chest pains and stating that he had not undergone “any specialized cardiac or neurologic evaluations.”

Now CNN‘s Jim Acosta reports the first account of the hospital visit directly from Trump himself, and it provides an interesting demonstration of the level of intimacy and day to day interaction between the president and his wife Melania…if one takes Trump at his word.

Accosta’s CNN colleague Daniel Dale confirmed the account and added some more detail.

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Those “sick’ people found Trump’s bemused account of his marital interaction and lack of spousal communication as worthy of as much skepticism as the initial explanations for the sudden exam had generated.

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Apparently many people on Twitter have trouble with believing anything that the president says — a sad legacy of his long history of pathological lies — but find it even more unbelievable that Melania would call her husband “darling.”

The fact that Trump has distorted the public disclosure of his medical records in the past, makes his continued claims of perfect health clouded under a blanket of suspicion.

Until an independent evaluation provided by a doctor not subject to following the orders of their commander in chief is provided, most people would be wise to take any statements issued about the president’s health with a large grain of salt — unless, of course, you have high blood pressure, in which case you should use a salt substitute to reduce your sodium levels or risk the kinds of health issues that America suspects the president may be concealing.

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