As Trump’s impeachment panic grows, he demands investigations of Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, and more

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Our snowflake-in-chief has no problem dishing out verbal abuse to his political opponents, yet somehow thinks that his election to the presidency by an ever-decreasing minority of supporters entitles him to a term free of criticism and to a get out of jail free card to boot.

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Donald Trump made that sense of corrupt entitlement perfectly clear on Twitter this afternoon with his posting of a perennial tweet suitable for all occasions in his hapless criminal presidency.

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While Trump may view his two-word tweet as a plaintive wail complaining of what he views as the excessive zeal of Democrats as they try to uncover further details of the already obvious extortion of a foreign government to benefit the president’s own personal political gains, those without a vested interest in Trump and his enablers escaping responsibility for their transgressions see those words as a call to arms to seek the justice that Trump has obstructed at every step of the process.

Trump’s fear and paranoia over the outcome of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry — as well as over the filthy laundry that is being aired in the hearings and threatens to further undermine any remaining support he maintains with the public — is resulting in a mental deterioration that has rendered his recent tweets into barely comprehensible name-calling rants against his opponents.

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Coming immediately after the all-caps “presidential harassment” tweet, readers of this particular tweet are left wondering what exactly this “list” that he insists the Democratic Speaker of the House, the leader of the impeachment inquiry, one of the potential Democratic candidates for president consistently beating him in the polls, and various whistleblowers be put on could be.

Besides demonstrating Trump’s profound ignorance of whistleblower laws and the constitutional impeachment process, the president’s tweet appears to be calling for all of the people he named to be put on the witness list for the investigative phase of the impeachment hearings.

If his insistence on his invented extra-constitutional concept of “absolute immunity” to prevent his White House staff hasn’t been obstructive enough of the impeachment probes to strongly suggest that these are not the whinings of an innocent man, Trump’s continued insistence on questioning the whistleblower who revealed his now proven crimes demonstrates that the president is two steps behind the Democrats fast-moving impeachment process which has already received more than enough evidence of Trump and his administration’s wrongdoing that his focus on the whistleblower and their motivation is a mere futile distraction from the daily litany of malfeasance that the hearings are uncovering.

Still, Trump will continue to deny, distract, and project his criminal intent on others as he tries to escape the now all-but-inevitable denouement of his tragic presidency.

To answer the president’s rhetorical questions in order: it doesn’t matter and no, because it doesn’t matter.

Once the dam of secret extortion has broken and the waters of criminal behavior are spread out for everyone to see, interviewing the person who pointed out the structural defects won’t do any good when you have the architects and builders of the dam available to explain how the water got there to begin with.

After his explosion of ritual whining, Donald Trump consoled himself with a final self-promotional feel-good tweet.

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Trump bragging about his approval rating in the shrinking Republican party is a bit like a moonshiner bragging that his quart of distilled liquor is now at 95 proof despite beginning life as a gallon of 60 proof sour mash. Yes, it’s much more concentrated now, but there’s so much less of it than there used to be.

After a few weeks of publically broadcast hearings help expose more of the details of Trump’s criminality and further erode the president’s credibility and popularity, we can expect that even fewer people will be willing to identify themselves as members of the party defending Trump — unless the GOP comes to its senses and acknowledges that crimes have been committed and holds the president responsible for his actions.

No wonder that Trump fantasizes about his opponents beng on trial rather than himself. He’s up to his neck and the waters are rising as the impeachment dam has broken. His Republican allies may continue to try to throw him life preservers, but the weight of his lies will hold him down until his nostrils are flooded with the consequences of his self-serving, unconstitutional behavior.

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