May 20, 2022

Trump retweets profane quote from UFC fighter: “The guy’s a bad Motherf#@$er man”

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After Donald Trump attended a UFC event last night at Madison Square Garden in New York City — his newly abandoned hometown where the overwhelming boos of the crowd upon his entrance were magically transformed into cheers by the misfirings of the president’s faulty neurons — he spent part of Sunday morning turning the time his evangelical followers consider sacred into something profoundly profane.


Retweeting a post from the Executive Editor of Bloomberg News opinion section, Tim O’Brien, Trump reveled in UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal’s quote portraying the president as a modern-day Shaft.

“That cat Trump, he’s a bad mother….hush your mouth” would have been preferable to the actual quote Trump retweeted which spelled out in full the previously taboo profanity normally seen as beneath the dignity of a United States president to use in polite company — such as an audience of millions on social media.

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Trump also retweeted a link to another tweet in O’Brien’s multi-part thread on the subject of the president’s visit to the UFC event.

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As O’Brien responded to Trump’s retweet, he expressed doubt that the president had bothered to read through the rest of his thread, which was considerably more critical of his attendance at the match than he may have realized at first glance.

Among the posts that Trump forgot to include were these:

That Trump is a fan of this “human cockfighting” is not surprising from a president who values human life so little that he has caged children separated from their parents at the border and abandoned America’s steadfast allies in the Middle East, the Kurds, to face potential ethnic cleansing by the Turks.

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The president reacted to the overwhelming boos from the crowd in the state that he had earlier announced that he was abandoning for the more politically-compatible and state income tax-free climes of Florida with the same type of reality denial that he exhibited after his similar greeting from the crowd at the World Series game that he attended last week.

Trump may try to filter out the genuine reaction of the public whenever he ventures beyond the carefully stage-managed confines of his rallies filled with hand-selected supporters and paid actors, but as anger over his corruption, crimes, and obstruction of justice grows among the citizens of the nation, he may need to retreat to a more robust virtual reality simulation to escape the harsh response of actual reality to his criminality and failures.

If Trump is ever punished properly for his multiple offenses, a suitable punishment would be a continuous tape loop of the crowds at both the World Series and the UFC match last night booing loudly piped into his cell at high volume 24 hours a day. Some may call that torture. Others will regard it as a punishment far more perfect than any phone call that Trump has ever made.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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