In attack on media credibility, Trump swears that he’s not concerned about impeachment


After confounding the world with a tweet that left readers scrambling to interpret its meaning, Donald Trump resumed his normal routine of attacking the media for covering the truth about the scandals that have the president desperately embroiled in an impeachment effort by congressional Democrats that is rapidly gaining momentum every day.

Trump today went after The Washington Post for reporting on its front page that the president is “frustrated as White House effort to defy impeachment inquiry fails to halt witness testimony, advisers say,” as the headline read.

That frustration was made manifestly obvious as Trump implausibly denied that he was concerned about impeachment while insistently demonstrating exactly how upset he truly is by denying the reality of the testimony against him and labeling the Democratic impeachment inquiries as an illegitimate “Witch Hunt.”

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With the dozens and dozens of tweets that the president has sent in an effort to delegitimize the Democratic probe of his publicly admitted attempt to pressure Ukraine to help uncover political dirt on his presidential election rival former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter, his lack of concern rings as hollow as Trump’s skull would sound if you knocked on it if he truly thinks that anyone would believe his attempts to portray himself as unperturbed by the downward spiral in which he now finds himself.

So unconcerned with the impeachment proceedings is the president that his very next tweet was another attempt to circumvent the regulations protecting government insiders who reveal internal wrongdoing as he raised the question once again about the identity of the whistleblower who revealed the frightening abuse of power that launched the most recent impeachment inquiries.


With career government officials defying the president’s orders to ignore congressional subpoenas and refuse to testify before the House committees investigating his illicit actions, Trump proved the truth of The Washington Post headline he condemned in his previous tweet by directly demonstrating the concern that he so vociferously denied.

Trump may think that projecting bravado and denying reality in the face of the mounting revolt by underlings aghast at his monumental corruption helps his cause, but all his tweet does is add additional evidence for his complete and total lack of credibility. The president isn’t fooling anyone with his denials except his already brainwashed true believers with his complicit Republican enablers chuckling on the sidelines as they pretend that they don’t see through his transparent lies.

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We’ll see just how unconcerned Donald Trump is about impeachment when he is dragged kicking and screaming from the White House once he is removed from office, either through impeachment or by an overwhelming defeat at the ballot box due to the corruption uncovered by the Democrats’  investigations.

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