Trump spends Monday cabinet meeting berating his fellow Republicans for not defending him enough


On Monday morning, President Trump had the gall to lash out at his own party for not “defending him” enough, calling out Utah Senator Mitt Romney by name as he groused about the increasing dissatisfaction in his own ranks over his frankly atrocious behavior.

“The two things they have: They’re vicious and they stick together” said Trump in his complaints about the Democrats. “They don’t have Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) in their midst. They don’t have people like that.”

Surprising nobody in the room, Trump went on to say that “I watched a couple of people on television today” and saw his cheerleaders on what we can only assume was FOX call it a “phony investigation” and urged his fellow Republicans to “get tougher and fight.”

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“We have some that are great fighters, but they have to get tougher and fight because the Democrats are trying to hurt the Republican party for the election, which is coming up, where we’re doing very well” said the president, peppering his remarks with the self-reassuring bravado that he does for every subject.

While he claimed that the Democrats were “lousy” and “vicious,” his true ire was reserved for the so-called “Never Trump” Republicans, who “might be worse than the Democrats.”

While the Republican Party and the vast majority of its members has been dutifully defending the president no matter how egregious his excesses or how poor his behavior, his recent decision to impulsively betray America’s Kurdish allies in Syria and greenlight a Turkish invasion has proven to be too much even for them.


Last week, a majority of Republicans voted with Democrats to condemn the president’s decision to betray the Kurds, which prompted a closed-door meltdown in a meeting with Democratic leadership and several days worth of griping as the insecure and paranoid president despaired at the idea that his Republican supporters could be turning against him as an impeachment inquiry looms.

While it’s extremely unlikely that enough Republicans would defect to actually impeach Trump, it’s clear his latest foreign policy blunder has infuriated his rank-and-file support to the point where it could be damaging to him in the long run — and possibly drive the president into even greater mistakes as his sanity continues to degrade.

Original reporting by Brett Samuels at the Hill.

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