Trump tries to defend his betrayal of Kurds in Sunday morning tweets as GOP supporters rebel


Facing serious opposition for the first time within his own party, Donald Trump spent part of his daily morning Twitter tirade defending his betrayal of America’s Kurdish allies in the Middle East as Republican senators continued to criticize his decision to withdraw the U.S. troops providing a barrier between the Turks and the invading Turkish forces in northern Syria.

Trump’s defense took the form of a reductive history lesson on Kurdish-Turkey relations — as if the complex geopolitical situation could be explained within the character limit of a couple of tweets — from the point of view of an isolationist “America First” perspective.

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The president’s comments walked a fine line in its attempts to paint his abandonment of the Kurds as anything but a capitulation to Turkey — and, by extension, Russia and Iran.

He says that Turkey considers the Kurdish PKK party to be terrorists without specifically agreeing with that characterization — a designation which would further alienate the Republican senators who have broken ranks and condemned his cowardly betrayal of our long-term allies and whom he will need on his side if and when an impeachment trial reaches the Senate.


Belying his attempts to portray himself as a peacemaker by withdrawing American forces from the region, Trump demonstrates that he couldn’t give a rodent’s rectum about what happens to the civilians on the ground in the Kurdish-occupied sections of Syria — which are now under attack by genocidal Turkish forces and their atrocity-committing allies — by practically calling for an armed free-for-all by inviting others to chose sides and join in the battle to which he’s given his blessing.

He then attempts to undercut the brutality of that statement by adding the supposedly reassuring reminder that “We are monitoring the situation closely,” as if that would mollify his rebellious GOP brethren who have retained a shred of concern for our Kurdish allies and America’s global reputation.

In this context, “Endless Wars!” — the line he uses to close his tweet, so empty and contradictory that it amounts to a load of gibberish — could be interpreted as either a lament or an exhortation with little to indicate which of those two readings he actually intends.

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Trump followed up with a tweet where he acts as if he is a commentator on the sidelines reciting the latest news rather than the man who created the international crisis to begin with.


He discusses the move to sanction Turkey for the moves that Trump tacitly approved in his conversation with Turkish President Recep Erdoğan last week and betrays his view of foreign policy as nothing more than an extension of his experience as a reality show host with his glib comment to “Stay tuned.”

As if we had a choice.

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