Reporter asks Finnish president what “favors” Trump asked him for while Trump is standing right there


By far the biggest news story in the world right now is the escalating impeachment inquiry into Donald J. Trump. The president’s staggering corruption was blown wide open when a courageous whistleblower came forward to reveal that Trump tried to exploit his office to convince the president of Ukraine to open an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the hopes of smearing the former vice president ahead of the 2020 election.

It was an incredibly disturbing revelation that showed just how far Trump will go to maintain power. This man is willing to completely undermine the democratic traditions that have kept the United States prosperous and stable for hundreds of years for his own personal gain.

Earlier today, Trump appeared at a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Väinämö Niinistö, who at one point complimented the United States on our “great democracy” and urged Trump to, “Keep it going on.” The fact that a foreign leader seems worried that there’s a chance the Trump administration might completely abandon democracy should be unsettling to all Americans, regardless of their political leanings.

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During the same presser, a reporter addressed Niinistö and asked him if Trump has requested any favors from him, presumably in reference to the favor Trump asked of the Ukrainian president. Trump’s expression immediately soured.

“Because this is the biggest issue here at the moment, I have to ask: What kind of favors has Mr. Trump asked from you?” said the reporter. The audience’s reaction was a mix of audible gasps and laughter, with many of those present clearly surprised that the reporter would ask her question so bluntly.


“Or the other way around you mean,” Trump nonsensically interjected.

“What favors I asked or…” Niinistö said, trailing off.

“I think you mean the other way around,” Trump added.

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“Both ways? Okay,” said Niinistö. Neither was able to give the reporter a straightforward answer to the awkward question, but the reporter’s question made it clear that much of the world now views are president as little more than a glorified mob boss.

Watch below.


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