July 6, 2022

Mike Pence’s role in Ukraine scandal questioned by former federal prosecutor

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After managing to keep his hands relatively clean in the many previous Trump administration scandals, Vice President Mike Pence is facing new scrutiny over his involvement in the Ukraine whistleblower cover-up.


Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance discussed the issue of Pence’s role in the matter when she appeared on MSNBC‘s AM Joy this morning.

Host Joy Reid set up the conversation by asking whether this latest abuse of presidential power in the Trump administration would be the thing that finally snares the vice president into the same calls for impeachment that the president has been facing.

“Let me go to you on this very quickly, Joyce, because here’s the question for Mike Pence,” Reid said to the former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama. “Mike Pence has been sort of severed from all of the other questions that are relating to potential impeachment for Donald Trump, that the House is wrestling with right now, but if Pence … went in knowing why the aid was being held up, went in and spoke to the leader of Ukraine knowing what stick the administration had over them, and in that way was drawn in to this idea of using that stick to try to get what they wanted from Ukraine, does he then face the jeopardy of perhaps also being drawn into the questions of impeachment?”

Vance’s reply included a warning that much still needs to be investigated to know the extent of the vice president’s involvement.

“You know, Joy, I think the short answer … is there’s not any reporting on this yet and that should be really troubling to all of us,” Vance answered. “Because Pence shows up on your timeline at a key point, and we need to know the answer to that question because if the answer is yes, that Pence was explicitly part of some sort of a scheme to either bribe or extort the Ukranians, then the American people need to know that and Congress needs to take appropriate action.”

Whether Congress can be prodded into finally taking action against the abuses of power by Donald Trump and the rest of his administration is the enormous question weighing heavily on many people’s minds right now.

Vance continued her answer by saying:

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“So the troubling question here is with the Justice Department that’s apparently sidelined or perhaps actively in cahoots with the White House who does that investigation,” she said. “That falls to Congress, Congress isn’t getting a lot of cooperation out of the White House, and we need to call this what this is. This is a major threat to the rule of law. People in Congress need to set aside their political affiliation and get to the bottom of this, because we have a president and now possibly a vice president both involved in criminal activity. We need some answers.”

While Trump and his administration are perfectly willing to provide answers, what we actually need is the truth — not something we’re ver likely to get willingly from the mouth of the most duplicitous presidency in history.

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You can watch the exchange between MSNBC’s Joy Reid and former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance in the video excerpt linked to in the tweet below.

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Original reporting by Matthew Chapman at RawStory.

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