May 25, 2022

In a series of Saturday tweets Trump accuses Ukraine whistleblower of spying on him

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That the Trump universe is much like the prophetic fulfillment of George Orwell’s dystopian vision in his now practically oracular book 1984 is difficult to dispute. Who could predict, however, how much it would also resemble the fictional Bizzaro world of DC Comics’ Superman stories?

In Orwell’s tome, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”  Similarly, in the Bizzaro world universe, everything is the exact opposite of what it is on the normal version of earth.

Reading the tweets that Donald Trump sent this afternoon, one could easily be convinced that one had been miraculously transported to either or both of those fictional worlds where the regular order is completely reversed and the truth is called lies.

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The paranoid conspiracy theories that exist only in the darkest corners of the internet and in Donald Trump’s mind were on full display in the post-golfing posts of the president caught up in yet another attempt at collusion with a foreign government to enhance his chances at stealing an electoral victory from the depths of unprecedented unpopularity.

After first tweeting a lie about his own involvement in the American economic success that began with the Obama administration’s salvaging of the damaged financial state that George W. Bush and his fellow Republican left them, Trump claimed the existence of a conspiratorial partnership between Democrats and the media to bring down his presidency — ignoring the role his own criminal actions have played in the reality of the situation.

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Ironically, if Trump’s imagined partnership to undermine his administration was real and could succeed in ousting him, then his wish to see America made great again would actually be a fait accompli.

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Trump then went on to retweet even more ludicrous conspiracy theories attempting to project his own criminal mindset on the actions of his opponents — meaning those who support the rule of law rather than his own self-interested whims — and deflect attention from his own impeachable misdeeds.

Substitute “dedicated law enforcement officials tried to hold Trump accountable for his criminal actions” for “coup planned to take down @RealDonaldTrump” and you’d get the version of reality everywhere except Trump’s Bizzaro world.

In his attempts to convince his gullible supporters that his explanation of the illusion that he’s attempting to pass for reality is true, the president then retweeted numerous quotes from his own political allies defending him, as if their brown-nosing analysis of the constitutionally valid attempts to investigate Trump’s behavior had any value outside their insular world of topsy-turvy ethics where the supreme command remains “If the president does it, then it’s legal.”

The president’s excuses and finger-pointing at his opponents grow tiresome as his argument boils down to “I shouldn’t have been caught because those pesky intelligence officials shouldn’t have been watching what I do.”

Trump’s latest tweet as of press time continued in the same vane, as he ignores the fact that — after the threatening to withhold foreign and military aid from Ukraine as his administration allegedly did — any denial from that country’s leadership will be as compromised as his own refusal to admit guilt.

Cue Shaggy singing “It Wasn’t Me.”

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“I had tried to keep her from what
She was about to see.
Why should she believe me
When I told her it wasn’t me?”

If we live in a Bizarro world, we may as well have some entertainment.

Hopefully, like the character in Shaggy’s song, the cheating culprit will be caught in the end and face the consequences of his actions.

Congress, it’s your move.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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