Trump slams Cokie Roberts for not “being nice” to him after being told of her death


Social graces have never been one of Donald Trump’s strong points, to say the least.

One would have to have been actually socialized to learn that it’s considered in extremely unacceptably poor taste to speak ill of the dead, something that Trump amply demonstrated that he is incapable of doing, as exemplified by his sullen and resentful behavior after the death of his principal Republican antagonist, the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

One would think that the president might learn a lesson from the negative feedback he received after his shoddy treatment of the former Republican presidential candidate, but Trump’s narcissism and declining mental capacity have apparently prevented him from learning any new tricks.

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Now Trump has betrayed the depths of his detestability with his comments on the passing of NPR and ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts this morning. CNN‘s Daniel Dale passed along the president’s self-involved obituary for the respected journalist who passed away today at age 75 “due to complications from breast cancer,” according to a statement from her family.

Well, that’s more than anyone would ever want to say about Donald Trump, anyway.


In case you’re wondering why the president holds such animosity towards the highly respected journalist, take a look at this clip of Roberts interviewing then-candidate Trump and his antagonistic response to her probing question.

“I never met her,” he says?  In a completely literal sense, that may be true, but that’s not to say that they never interacted.


Trump’s inability to remain within the norms of polite society may be one of his most attractive qualities to the members of his base who are equally contemptuous of intelligence and truth, but it is a failing that makes him one of the most detestable presidents America has ever experienced.

Unlike Cokie Roberts, no decent human being will be looking at Donald Trump as a role model.

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