Trump defends Justice Kavanaugh after latest sexual misconduct reports

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Predators of a feather flock together.

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Donald Trump spent a part of his habitual morning Twitter finger exercise routine — apparently the most strenuous exercise he gets outside of bending down to pick up golf balls — defending his fellow traveler among men with credible accusations of sexual harassment and assault lodged against them — Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — after The New York Times uncovered new evidence of sexual misconduct by the heavy-drinking undergraduate while he was a student at Yale University.

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With Trump’s history of extramarital affairs with porn stars, his infamous statement about grabbing women’s genitals, and the sixteen women who have accused him of various forms of sexual assault, the president clearly sympathizes with Kavanaugh — whose confirmation to a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court came after a rushed hearing in which Republicans refused to provide access to documents from Kavanaugh’s time in the Bush administration and then conducted only a purposefully limited and inadequate investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by the nominee while he was in prep school and college.

The new allegations in The New York Times report have revived the memories of the shameful confirmation process and renewed calls from progressive Democrats for further investigation and possible impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh on the grounds of perjury.

These latest developments have not improved the president’s sour mood, to say the least.

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Trump declares Kavanaugh innocent, as our Constitution presumes everyone is before they are tried before a jury of their peers.

However, with multiple witnesses to Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior at Yake dorm parties — at which he is said to have pulled down his pants and waved his penis at drunken co-eds while pushing it towards them — and the fact that the Trump administration refused to allow the FBI to interview both witnesses and victims of the alleged incident, the presumption of innocence is overshadowed by the growing mounds of uninvestigated evidence to the contrary.

Trump naturally tries to attribute the reasonable questions about both the behavior of his conservative dream justice and his administration’s apparent attempts at a cover-up to a vast left-wing conspiracy against him and his judicial picks with his typical tactic of accusing his opponents of that which he and his Republican cronies are most guilty themselves.

The president’s ignorance of libel laws is no surprise, but his insistence on attempting to silence a free press in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution reveals his most authoritarian aspirations.

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Perhaps Trump aims to emulate the tactics of the long-entrenched Singaporean government which has often used libel suits against its political opponents and a compliant judiciary appointed by the party in power as a method to jail or impoverish its most powerful rivals and to maintain complete control of a political process that otherwise appears to be democratic.

If President Trump is so certain that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is innocent of the charges being made against him, then why doesn’t he order a complete and thorough investigation of those charges, including interviews with all of the witnesses that came forward during the justice’s confirmation hearing and his administration refused to investigate. Release the Kavanaugh documents from the Bush administration to prove that he didn’t perjure himself during his congressional testimony under oath.

Otherwise, his tweets are just more bleating, self-serving right-wing propaganda and should be ignored as much as anything else that comes out of his rapidly deteriorating brain.

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