Trump just accused the media of being “fixated” on his hurricane Alabama claims


Donald Trump’s public downward mental spiral continued today as he proved once again to be pathologically incapable of moving on from his Hurricane Dorian mistake. The president has spent this entire week insisting that he was actually right when he spread the incorrect idea that Hurricane Dorian would likely hit Alabama hard.

The truth is that only the most extreme, original predictions ever showed any chance of the hurricane touching Alabama at all. Even after the National Weather Service’s Birmingham Office sent out a tweet informing Alabamans that they had nothing to fear, Trump refused to back down.

It appears the embarrassing debacle is all he can think about now, as he’s been tweeting about it constantly and even presented a doctored forecast (which many pointed out appeared to be edited with a sharpie) that was made to look like Alabama was indeed in the path of the hurricane. This is not the behavior of a psychologically well man and his inability to move on is one of the clearest insights to date into just how bloated and toxic this man’s unearned ego really is.

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This morning’s tweets attacked the “Fake News Media” for being fixated on the topic, a laughably transparent case of projecting on the president’s part. He reiterated his claim that he was right about Alabama and said the media has been acting “Crazy,” another blatant example of projection. He assured his followers that he did not make a mistake before tilting into full victim mode.

Trump whined that none of his predecessors faced such “corrupt reporting” and then reeled off a list of the other fabricated offenses he’s laid at the feet of the press in the past. The ironic reality is that this story would not be receiving days of coverage if he had simply owned up to his error early on. By digging in his heels and obsessing over it he has absurdly made it the biggest presidential story of the week.

One wonders how long this behavior could possibly go on for. The GOP has proven itself completely unwilling to intercede even when Trump engages in the most flagrant of criminal activity but if he is indeed losing his mind they can only keep him around as their legislative rubber stamp for so long.


The screws are coming looser by the day. The president needs serious mental help.


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