Paraguay just rolled out the red carpet treatment for unelected Ivanka Trump


First Daughter Ivanka Trump is currently deep into her latest bout of pathetic roleplaying as an American diplomat. Despite her complete lack of relevant credentials, the president has seen fit to send her around the globe on his behalf, foisting her onto some of the world’s most powerful leaders in a display of nepotism that would make history’s most corrupt dictators blush.

Since she’s unelected Ivanka is only really accountable to her odious father who in turn seems more than content to simply let her run roughshod over international norms to her rotten little heart’s content.

Currently, Ivanka is inflicting her grating presence on the nation of Paraguay. According to Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs, the First Daughter’s trip to South America is ostensibly aimed at promoting further integration of women into the economies of Colombia, Argentina, and Paraguay. Somehow, Ivanka still thinks she can convince the world that she is an advocate for female empowerment, even as she continues to dutifully serve her avowed sexual predator father.

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This national embarrassment—because that’s exactly what Ivanka and her diplomat dress-up bit constitute—makes the American government out to be a bad joke. Rather than engaging with any of the countless qualified and experienced officials that populate the State Department, foreign countries are forced to roll out extravagant greetings for the sweatshop-operating daughter of a washed-up reality television star.

An image of Ivanka meeting with Paraguay’s President Mario Abdo Benítez threw the absurdity of the situation into stark relief. As reporters and photographers crowded in, Ivanka stood beside the head of state as an equal. The charade would be laughable if it weren’t so detrimental to our national standing.


The more this women presents herself as a surrogate of the American people, the more the United States’ reputation is flushed down the Trumpian golden toilet.

In another tweet, Jacobs pointed out that a brass band played a song called “My Queen” as Ivanka passed, which feels more like something that would happen in a particularly hamfisted SNL skit rather than reality. The Bloomberg reporter also shared a video of the luxurious luncheon spread which Paraguay set out for Ivanka and explained that this kind of decadent greeting is usually reserved for visiting presidents.

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Clearly,  the rest of the world has realized that the best way to ingratiate oneself with this administration is to play on the Trump family members’ bloated egos and lavish them with praise and gifts. The world’s most powerful country has been reduced to just another oily tentacle of the Trump Organization and they’re exploiting it for all that it’s worth.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.