Fox News just publicly refuted the president’s absurd Hurricane/Alabama claims


This past weekend, Donald Trump incorrectly and irresponsibly spread the idea via Twitter that Hurricane Dorian would likely hit Alabama hard. In reality, only the most extreme predictions showed the hurricane hitting Alabama at all, let alone in any kind of broadly devastating fashion.

The president’s incorrect assertion was serious enough to prompt the National Weather Service’s Birmingham Office to send out a tweet assuring Alabamans that Dorian would not be impacting their state.

Rather than accept his mistake, the president has doubled down on his false claim. Yesterday, he went so far as to present a doctored image to reporters edited to make it look like the official hurricane projections showed Dorian hitting Alabama. Today, he spent an inordinate amount of his time tweeting about the hurricane and Alabama, still refusing to just do the sane thing and admit that he was wrong.

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Things have gotten so absurd at this point that even Fox News is pushing back against the president’s lunacy. Trump’s favorite propaganda network ran a segment in which correspondent John Roberts took him to task for his obsessive hurricane tweets.

“The president also tweeted out a graphic of hurricane model plot collected by the South Florida Water Management District to prove that Alabama was at risk and some of those tracks did come very close to the eastern part of Alabama. But those spaghetti models were from Thursday, August 28th. By the time the president tweeted about Alabama at 10:51 A.M. on Sunday, the forecast track had moved well east,” explained Roberts.

“This is the 8:00 in the morning warning on Sunday the 1st and you can see they’re indicating that Dorian would stay well-off shore and well away from Alabama,” he went on.


Roberts also brought up the fact that some observers believe Trump broke the law by doctoring the forecast, as falsifying a National Weather Service forecast and passing it off as official is a violation of a federal statute.

Watch the clip below.

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Natalie Dickinson

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