Advisers just revealed rumors that Ivanka and Jared are scheming to kick Pence off the 2020 ticket


In 2020 the United States will be given the opportunity to hasten its own demise by reelecting Donald Trump, the worst president in American history. While the safe presumption is that Mike Pence, Trump’s obsequious, theocratic henchman will be number two on the ticket, it now appears that’s far from a sure thing.

Yahoo News reports that there has been discussion within the administration of replacing Pence in the coming election. After the GOP was thoroughly repudiated during the 2018  midterms, the president reportedly floated the idea of possibly finding a new vice presidential candidate for 2020. He brought up the possibility once again in August, asking aides if they thought it might be a wise decision.

While Trump and Pence are generally on good terms personally, their respective factions appear to be less so. Tom LoBianco, the author of an upcoming biography on our odious vice president, broke down the current situation for Yahoo:

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“But the relationship between their political teams has soured greatly in the past year, according to a dozen Trump and Pence aides and Republican advisers familiar with the dynamic. In particular, rumors that Kushner and Ivanka Trump wanted to consider replacements for Pence — specifically trying to find a woman running mate to help win back the suburbs in 2020 — have worried the vice president’s camp, according to Trump and Pence campaign advisers who spoke on background for this story.”

Kushner and the First Daughter have proven to be two of the most consistently influential members of the president’s inner circle so if they really have arrayed themselves against Pence, the vice president and his aides have valid cause for concern. One candidate who observers have frequently pointed to as a possible female running mate for Trump is Nikki Haley, the president’s former Ambassador to the United Nations.

Regardless of how this shakes out, it’s always a pleasure to hear that the creatures circling this president are in disarray. Their discomfort is some small revenge for all of the damage they’ve done and continue to do this country. Whether it be Pence, Haley, or someone even worse riding Trump’s ticket in 2020 they must be stopped at the ballot box. This country cannot endure four more years of this cruelty and incompetence.

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.