June 30, 2022

Lucy McBath just shamed the GOP House caucus for calling her anti-gun message”disgusting”

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The National Republican Congressional Committee lists its mission statement right on the top of its web site.


“We defend your conservative values by protecting and expanding our Republican conference in the House of Representatives,” it reads.

While that may sound like standard operating procedure for a partisan political organization, the NRCC is under fire from one of the opposition Democrats that it is trying to unseat in the 2020 Congressional elections.

Congresswoman Lucy McBath (D-GA) is a freshman legislator representing Georgia’s 6th district who helped turn the formerly Republican northern Atlanta suburbs blue in the 2018 Democratic wave.

Rep. McBath’s political awakening came from a tragic incident in 2012 when her 17-year-old son Jordan was shot and killed following an argument at a gas station about loud music. Shortly afterward, McBath joined Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America as a national spokeswoman and eventually ran successfully for her congressional seat.

As a long-time and well known anti-gun activist at a time when public demand for congressional action on preventing the spree of gun violence that has led to one mass shooting after another in this country, it’s only natural that Congresswoman McBath would highlight her record on the important issues of gun regulation as she prepares for her reelection campaign.

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Anxious to regain the seat that the GOP lost to Rep. McBath — a seat that once was held by former Speaker of the House and serial adulterer Newt Gingrich — the NRCC has launched a Twitter campaign condemning the Congresswoman for “fundraising for her reelection off of mass shooting deaths” in the wake of the rash of gun violence that has plagued our country for years and seems to only accelerate each week.

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In the NRCC’s cynical and politically manipulative view, anyone discussing closing loopholes in background checks and bringing back the assault weapons ban that expired during the George W. Bush administration is violating the sacred creed of Republican politicians — that anytime within weeks of a mass shooting incident is “too soon” to discuss practical solutions to gun violence and should only be spent offering “thoughts and prayers.”

Unfortunately, the duration between these horrific massacres is never long enough for the “too soon” period to ever expire.

Congresswoman McBath saw the NRCC’s attack and reminded the partisan hacks on the committee why she, of all people, continues to fight for tightened gun regulations while the GOP dithers despite widespread support from the vast majority of Americans to take steps to address the nation’s gun problem.

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While the NRCC may have thought that they would harm McBath’s reelection chances with their gratuitous and feeble attack on her motivations, all they managed to accomplish was to offer more evidence for the necessity of her return for another term and another opportunity to use Republican uselessness as a fundraising initiative.

The NRCC is simply proving how truly out of step with the American public the GOP remains as they put the interests of the NRA and its gun manufacturer backers ahead of public safety and the people’s wishes.

Hopefully, the tragedy of Congresswoman McBath’s loss of her son will eventually lead to the kind of meaningful change in gun laws that our nation needs and deserves.

Support Lucy McBath’s campaign here.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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