Will & Grace star Debra Messing just replied to Trump’s morning Twitter attack with a challenge


This morning Donald Trump took a brief break from his busy schedule of executive time — i.e., watching Fox News and scanning Twitter for positive posts about himself to retweet — to attack sitcom star Debra Messing of Will and Grace. 

Trump went after Messing because of her tweet urging that attendees of the president’s upcoming Hollywood fundraiser be outed for the public presumably to demonstrate who deserves public shaming for their support of the president’s destructive policies.

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Now the noted television star has responded to Trump’s criticism with a tweet that would inspire some shame from the president himself — if he were actually capable of such a human emotion.

Messing was surely motivated to choose gun violence as the issue to confront the president with by yesterday’s mass shooting in Texas that killed seven people and wounded 22 others in the latest incident of a string of gun-related massacres that could possibly have been prevented had Republicans and their NRA funders not blocked every attempt by Democrats to pass sensible gun regulation reforms.


Messing could easily have chosen Trump’s horrendous environmental record — one that favors the profits of the energy and mining industries over the health and welfare of American citizens. Or she could have chosen to call the president out for his contempt for the rule of law as demonstrated by his many attempts at obstruction of justice as revealed in the Mueller report.

Instead, she kept her requirements charitably simple for the president to earn enough of a smidgin of respect to allow her to refer to him as “Sir,” a price considerably lower than many others may expect Trump to pay before offering that salutation.

As of press time this Sunday afternoon, Trump has yet to respond to the offer — but you know how hard it must be to contact Wayne LaPierre to get the marching orders over a holiday weekend.


We may have to wait a while to see if this minor tempest develops into a full-blown Twitter feud.

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