Former U.S. intel agents rip “Russian asset” Trump over G7 debacle: “this is a new low”


During the recent Group of Seven conference, President Trump went unreasonably out of his way to push for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s readmittance to the group, even provoking an argument at dinner on the first night.

Despite the vehement objections of his fellow G7 members, Trump continued to push the issue throughout the weekend, leaving American intelligence agencies and the world wondering what exactly is making Trump put so much effort into carrying water for Putin.

Business Insider is reporting that “current and former” spies are absolutely “floored” by the President’s behavior in Biarritz, France.

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“It’s hard to see the bar anymore since it’s been pushed so far down the last few years, but President Trump’s behavior over the weekend was a new low” said a former FBI agent, completely stunned by extreme lengths the president was going to in order to excuse Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the cyberwarfare campaign they perpetrated against the United States in the 2016 election.

“What in God’s name made Trump think it would be a good idea to ask to bring Russia back to the table? How does this serve US national-security interests?” wondered the agent.

Trump repeatedly tried to blame President Obama for the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the act for which got Russia kicked out of the G8 in the first place, and complained that Obama had gotten “outsmarted” by Putin.


A former Justice Department official told Business Insider that the President’s behavior was “directly out of the Putin playbook. We have a Russian asset sitting in the Oval Office.” While one ex-CIA operative told BI that there was “overwhelming” evidence that Trump was a Russian agent, others believe he is trying to win his favor in order to possibly complete the Trump Tower Moscow plan that he tried to push through during the election.

One recently retired agent simply said he was a “useful idiot.”

The truth is likely some sort of mixture of all three. While it is hard to imagine a man like Donald Trump being actively recruited by the Russian intelligence and resisting the urge to brag about it — after all, he didn’t exactly keep his mouth shut about all of his mobster buddies — his behavior is so overwhelmingly obvious that it definitely begs the question of what exactly Vladimir Putin is holding over his head.

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Original reporting by Sonam Sheth at Business Insider. 

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