September 27, 2022

Trump just went after Obama and John Kerry during a presser with Macron

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President Trump is once again putting on a truly disgraceful performance at the G7. The man has neither interest in nor the capability to conduct competent diplomacy. As such, an event which is supposed to be used to solve pressing global problems inevitably devolves into a circus revolving around the most recent nonsensical or offensive thing to dribble out of the American president’s mouth.


The G7 under Trump is a far cry from the prestigious, productive summit it proved to be under the Obama administration. Perhaps acutely aware of this fact, and feeling lessened by it, Trump decided to attack former President Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry during a press appearance with French President Emmanuel Macron today.

Trump attacked the Iran deal that Obama and Kerry forged and which Trump pulled out of after he was sworn into office. The deal was a major diplomatic victory for not only the United States but the entire world and was a major step towards ensuring that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.

This current president delighted in shredding up the deal for the sole reason that it allowed him to undo a major piece of Obama’s legacy. His Republican cronies were all too happy to let him do it because many of them are looking for a reason to start a war with Iran or because they see political gain in engaging in frequently Islamaphobic rhetorical attacks against the foreign country.

The president said Iran is full of tough negotiators who go the best of Obama and Kerry.

“Look at what they did to get the deal. Look at what they did to John Kerry and to President Obama. Look what happened, where they’re bringing planeloads of cash. Planeloads! Big planes. 757s. Boeings. Coming loaded up with cash,” Trump said as Macron stood there silently listening to him trash his well-respected predecessor. The president continued, asking,

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Soon after, the Associated Press answered Trump with a fact check of the claim, stating unequivocally:

“It’s the kind of deal that did not actually take place.”

“When Iran signed the multinational deal to restrain its nuclear development in return for being freed from sanctions, it regained access to its own assets, which had been frozen abroad,” AP explained. “There was no $150 billion gift from the U.S. treasury or other countries.”

As usual, Trump was distorting the truth to serve his own political purposes. The cash delivered to Iran was money they regained access to as part of a settlement resolved at the Hague and stemming from a failed arms deal that occurred decades ago. In other words, it was already Iran’s money, not a gift.

President Trump, in order to push his warped view of the world, has once again resorted to flagrant dishonesty on the world stage. This man is a national shame.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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