August 18, 2022

Trump just declared himself the “chosen one” in wild statement to reporters

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Psychological and psychiatric experts have already broken the long-standing American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater medical ethics rule prohibiting them from giving a professional opinion about public figures whom they have not examined in person due to the fact the Donald Trump’s mental health has deteriorated to the point where they consider his condition to be a “national and global emergency.”


While Trump has been diagnosed from his public behavior as suffering from malignant narcissistic personality disorder due to his self-centered world view and has been said to lack “clear contact with reality,” his comments today can add some other diagnoses to his mental health chart — delusions of grandeur and a messiah complex.

Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, Trump was discussing his economically damaging trade war with China when he exclaimed that, while he had not sought out a tariff battle with America’s largest trade partner — a massive delusion in and of itself — “somebody had to do it.”

He then looked heavenward and declared “I am the chosen one!”

Coming just hours after Trump tried to undo the damage his wildly anti-semitic comments yesterday by retweeting a conspiracy-theorist radio host from Nevada, Wayne Allen Root, who called him the “King of Israel” and said that “Jews love him like the Second Coming of God,” the new claims set #Antichrist trending on Twitter.

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As Yale University forensic psychiatrist, Bandy X. Lee, explains in her 2017 book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the president’s mental health poses a “clear and present danger” to the “nation and individual well being.”

It’s no wonder that even the husband of Trump’s Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway has called on Vice President Mike Pence and Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from the presidency due to his obvious mental deterioration and general lunacy.

You can see and hear Trump’s messiah complex in action in the video clip below.

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