August 10, 2022

Bush’s speechwriter just theorized that Trump’s Obama insecurity is behind his Denmark feud

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After Donald Trump canceled a scheduled trip to Denmark — giving the excuse that he was insulted by what he called their “nasty” response to his attempt to buy Greenland from the European nation — another theory surfaced as to why he no longer wanted to keep his long-standing plans to visit the U.S. ally.


David Frum, the senior editor of The Atlantic magazine, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, and a dedicated “never Trump” Republican, offered a plausible alternative reason for the sudden cancellation — Trump’s just a jealous guy.

One can only imagine what Trump’s Twitter feed would look like if he had actually made the trip to Copenhagen and then seen larger and more adoring crowds turn out for his predecessor whose legacy he has done everything within his power to eradicate.

While the idea certainly seems credible, other Twitter commenters thought that the concept gave the president too much intellectual credit for forethought and long-range planning.

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Former FBI Special Agent and CNN analyst Asha Rangappa made a compelling argument that White House aides would have done all that they could to prevent news of Obama’s upcoming Danish excursion from ever reaching Trump’s chaotic consciousness.

Apparently, Trump doesn’t even need to travel to Denmark to have his reception compared to a visit by Obama that hasn’t even happened yet. Imagination alone can let people know how that matchup would turn out.

At least with Trump’s petulant withdrawal of his travel plans, Denmark will avoid the arrival of something rotten.

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