A pro-Trump neo-Nazi was just arrested for vile threats of mass violence against Hispanics

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Federal authorities just arrested a maniacal pro-Trump neo-Nazi for making terroristic threats against Hispanics in Miami, Florida. Maryland man Eric Lin was arrested for sending threatening Facebook messages to a Latina woman in Miami.

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The FBI filed charges in Miami but apprehended Lin in Seattle, Washington.

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Lin is a big fan of both Hitler and Trump, according to a sworn statement describing the messages by law enforcement to his girlfriend from Spain, who is only identified as “c.i.” as a confidential informant in the case. The Miami New TimesJerry Ianelli reports:

“According to an affidavit from a Miami FBI agent filed in federal court, Lin was not shy about putting his violent threats in writing.

Between May and August of this year, Lin allegedly fired off a litany of hateful, pro-Trump, pro-Hitler, and violent Facebook messages directed toward Hispanics living in Miami. Those messages wound up in the hands of the FBI.

‘The time will come when Miami will burn to the ground — and every Latin Man will be lined up against a Wall and Shot and every Latin Woman Raped or Cut to Pieces,’ Lin allegedly wrote August 8.”

Eric Lin has become the latest in a long string of arrests of pro-Trump or white supremacists threatening violence, which has risen sharply in the wake of the Cielo Vista Walmart mass murder in El Paso, Texas earlier this month.

A Missouri man was arrested for terrorist threats at a Wal-Mart and a white supremacist was arrested for threatening a synagogue in just the last week.

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Florida’s largest city can rest a little easier tonight after Lin’s arrest, which the New Times reports, came about because of extremely explicit threats:

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“The messages only continued. He allegedly said he wanted to ‘exterminate’ the ‘worthless Latin race.’ July 9, he sent more Nazi-referencing threats.

‘By the authority of ADOLF HITLER AND GOD I HEREBY DECLARE SPANISH AND ALL SPANISH-SPEAKING PEOPLE ILLEGAL,’ Lin allegedly wrote. ‘[T]hat’s ALL I NEED AUTHORITY FROM ADOLF HITLER TO ACT. I FOLLOW ONLY ADOLF HITLER AND THEN GOD. THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME.’ He again threatened to kill every Hispanic person in Miami and at one point told C.I. he would ‘drink your blood until you die.'”

Lin’s girlfriend can rest a little easier too after the FBI exposed that her white supremacist acquaintance was also actively offering $10,000 to purchase a contract murder.

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President Trump’s hate propaganda is a known motivator of at least seventeen known violent attacks, according to ABC News.

His popularity with American neo-Nazis is unquestionable.

Recently, even Dictionary.com had to explain why the term “stochastic terrorism” became its top search term; the term means the use of political incitement to motivate individuals to commit acts of violence without the finger-prints of planning.

The Middle-Eastern terror group ISIS has used stochastic terrorism in Europe and America to perpetrate violent attacks. So does Donald Trump, who is publicly praised by mass murderers as far away as New Zealand.

We are fortunate that in this case, a Miami woman was wise enough to take these threats seriously and seek out help before notoriously soft weapons laws in the “Gunshine State” led to yet another bloodbath in paradise.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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