September 27, 2022

Trump just taunted Greenland with a bizarre Twitter meme

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Donald Trump may have perhaps just proved he has more self-awareness than anyone has ever given him credit for.


That is if Trump’s latest tweet was actually written by him and not some lowly White House Communications Office staffer.

Given that the tweet displays some self-deprecating humor – not a trait that Trump is famous for — and contains no obvious misspellings, strange capitalization, or mangled syntax, it may indeed have been composed by someone other than Trump himself.

One would also have to assume that Trump has suddenly acquired Photoshop skills that rarely exist among real estate magnates of his age and class (or lack thereof).

Yet there it is on Trump’s Twitter feed — a post making fun of his own ludicrous offer to buy Greenland from Denmark and what the island might begin to look like if he ever actually succeeded.

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What he most likely really meant by this tweet is that none of those little modest homes housing native Greenlanders would be allowed anywhere near his gaudy gold-tinged tower.

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Actually, as it turns out Trump was merely retweeting a mock-up of the Trump Tower Greenland posted to Instagram by his son Eric, who captioned it with the words:

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 “I don’t know abut you guys but I love the concept of buying Greenland.”

Perhaps Trump was just poking fun at his second son who has often been lampooned on Saturday Night Live as the brother who turned out to be — um, how can this be put delicately? — the less intellectually gifted of his children with his first wife, Ivana.

Still, wouldn’t it be great if we could only get Donald Trump to make some promises to the U.S. citizenry about what he won’t do to America?

Never mind, Trump never tells the truth, so anything he promises is worthless.

We’ll have to see if the post is still there tomorrow and whether there are any sudden departures from the White House Communications staff.

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