June 24, 2022

Trump just viciously trashed a Hispanic FOX News host in insulting Twitter rant

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Fresh from blaming The New York Times for his faltering poll numbers, Donald Trump decided to advise the Human resources Department at Fox News which of its hosts he finds too disloyal — or committed to actual journalism rather than boosterism for his despicable agenda — for his liking.


With Fox News committed to dividing its hosts between television journalists — who at least try to pretend that they are delivering unbiased coverage of the day’s news — and talking heads spouting predetermined opinions regardless of true facts, it’s clear that the president has no use those in the former category.

While Trump will revel in the fawning coverage provided by sycophantic Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, and the Fox & Friends crew, he’s been critical when Fox’s news anchors dispell his reams of lies with the fact-checking that is the coin of the journalistic realm.

Among those he’s criticized are Shepard Smith — who regularly disputes the “facts” behind Trump’s tweets — Chris Wallace — who, when responding to White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney‘s admonition to not “read between the lines” of Trump’s tweets to find racism, said “I’m not reading between the lines, I’m reading the lines” — Martha MacCallum — whom Trump accused of throwing softball questions to Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) while saying in the same tweet “Fox sure ain’t what it used to be” — and Fox weekend anchors Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert — whom Trump condemned with the harsh insult that they “should be working at CNN.”

This morning, Trump added a new Fox News host to his media hit list,  Juan Williams, the Panamanian-born anchor who has admitted that there is no real separation between Fox News and the  Trump administration.

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Looks like a separation may finally be emerging, at least for the Fox News hosts who deal with fact rather than biased pro-Trump opinions.

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Williams, who has a recurring co-host slot on Fox News’ The Five program, has been a frequent critic of Trump and likely said something to raise the president’s ire as he obsessively screened the network’s content for deviations from his talking points.

When a dog repeatedly bites the hand that feeds it, the idea that it is untrainable and should be put down often comes to mind.

Given that, without Fox News, Trump would still be scheming for ways to make money through crooked business schemes like Trump University or bilking charitable donors through his fraudulent foundation, perhaps Rupert Murdoch should consider getting rid of this misbehaving curr and sending him back to the pound from which he emerged.

Perhaps some pitying potentate from Suadi Arabia or Russia will adopt him despite his reputation for nasty barking and snapping at everyone who gets too close to him.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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