Trump just went on sad retweet spree to make himself feel better


“When he’s weary, feeling small, when Trump’s world is collapsing all around him, he’ll retweet them all.” — with apologies to Simon & Garfunkel.

One was tempted to check the weather in Bedminster, New Jersey where Donald Trump is on vacation this afternoon to see whether rain was preventing him from cheating on his latest round of golf, since, instead of cruising the links, the president was posting them, assuaging his ego by going on one of the most copious bouts of retweeting frenzies that the world has ever seen.

Posting nearly 30 tweets in the course of an hour or so, the majority being testaments to the adulation he inspires in his deluded followers or other ego-inflating posts, Trump displayed the depths of his egotistical frailty, another window into what truly drives him — the shallowest narcissistic need for external self affirmation.

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Most of the tweets that Trump reposted had a consistent theme — his own greatness — that Trump seemed to need to hear again and again as if he were walking through a graveyard while constantly speaking aloud to himself: “I’m not scared. I’m not scared.”


Imagine being so insecure that you have to amuse and becalm yourself with paeans to your greatness. Of course, for every bit of adoring fan enthusiasm that Trump encounters, there is a corresponding bit of criticism by the mainstream media that he loves to hate.

His solution? Retweet his followers’ attacks on the offending media outlets, without regard to the damage it is doing to public sentiment and discourse, as the sampling below exemplifies.

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The “Failing New York Times” became “the once great @nytimes” in a later tweet from Trump in a rare admission from the president that the media nemesis of the president ever held any value.


But of course, it wouldn’t be Trump or Republican without some flagrant hypocrisy thrown in. For his last tweet of the day, the president retweeted himself tweeting the video cover of a TIME Magazine — yes, the very same mainstream media he had been deriding.

The idea that Trump has no compunction in his own mind to openly suggesting that the Constitutional restriction on serving more than two terms be ignored is even more frightening than the idea that he’ll be allowed to serve out his existing term, given the level of mental illness he regularly displays.

Episodes like this, while some are more extreme than others, are hardly rare and provide a clear view into what drives the most powerful man in the world. They make laughable any argument that Trump cares an iota for the working people of the United States of America or the world. Afternoon’s like yesterday show an undeniable self-obsession that prove that the definition of “America First” is limited to Trump himself.

Any supporter who argues this president cares about them is either lying or just plain wrong.

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