Sen. John Cornyn was ruthlessly mocked on social media after ridiculous climate change joke


The climate emergency knows no seasons, as the disruption to the earth’s natural environment by human-generated factors — like fossil fuel emissions — continue 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Despite the mountains of evidence and the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists that the world needs to begin action to reverse the negative effects of human habitation, Trump’s Republican party refuses to recognize the reality of the climate crisis that has resulted in some of the most frightening weather extremes in recorded history.

When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pointed out that the world had set a record in July for the hottest month in recorded history, one Republican Senator’s response, in particular, stood out for its flippant and dangerous ignorance.

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Senator Cornyn’s response was the epitome of a climate change deniers’ supreme — and, in this case, politically cynical  — know-nothingism.

The Texas Senator  — who hopefully will parlay his refusal to address the climate emergency-in-progress into a sound defeat in his reelection campaign next year — was pilloried on Twitter for his inability to distinguish between normal summer temperatures and the record heat and its accompanying weather anomalies.


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Despite the split between the folks who think that Senator Cornyn is truly an imbecile and those who see him as a calculating political manipulator, one may actually discover that both views contain the essence of truth.

The Texas Republican’s outrageous minimization of the direst threat that the world is currently facing serves as a reminder that defeating Trump in the 2020 election will only be half the battle. Turning the Senate blue will be an equally important goal to achieve if we are to ensure a secure and safe future for the world’s children.

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Original reporting by Lee Moran at HuffPost.

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