August 16, 2022

A Guardian journalist was just viciously assaulted by right wing thugs

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As Donald Trump makes his sympathies for fascists even clearer than you thought he could manage amidst today’s competing demonstrations between neo-Nazis and Antifa protestors in Portland, Oregon, it pays to remember that the battle against violent right-wing thugs is being fought on many fronts in many countries.


With the Brexit controversy dividing the United Kingdom between those who see an inclusive, globalist Eurocentric future for the nation and those who want to close the borders of the island nation to outsiders in their own version of Trump’s wall, the animosities between the left and the right sides of the political divide in the UK are worse than ever and increasingly resulting in violent confrontations.

Owen Jones — a columnist for the esteemed British newspaper The Guardian and a self-identified socialist and anti-fascist — was unfortunately on the receiving end of some premeditated violence perpetrated by far-right thugs while he was out celebrating his birthday last night.

Battered but still defiant, he posted an account of the unprovoked attack on his Twitter feed this morning.

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Jones attributes the attacks to his conspicuous and determined opposition to the British right-wing which has largely supported the Brexit initiative as a means of restricting the open borders that European Union membership entails for its constituent nations.

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His bravery in the face of the physical assault he has suffered — as well as his refusal to let the attack intimidate him from continuing to work to defeat the far-right agenda of the Brexiteers — is an inspiration to anti-fascist crusaders worldwide.

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That the white nationalist groups across the globe continue to employ the same violent tactics indicates a high degree of coordination between the far-right fascist organizations that should concern everyone who values freedom and inclusiveness, no matter what country they live in.

Luckily for Jones, he was surrounded by friends at the time of the assault who helped him fight off his attackers and were assaulted as well. The final tweet of his thread was a shout out to those defenders.

Hopefully, today’s competing demonstrations in Portland won’t result in violence, but with thuggish white nationalist groups like the Proud Boys participating, it will take an enormous amount of effort by local law enforcement to prevent skirmishes from breaking out.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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