October 2, 2022

Trump just declared that his son Junior is his “gun expert” in disturbing fundraiser comments

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As mass shootings continue to plague this country month after heartbreaking month, Americans are increasingly looking to our politicians, demanding to know why more isn’t being done to stem the tide of incessant bloodshed.


The “why” is, of course, the Republican Party.

GOP politicians, including President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have repeatedly refused to join with Democrats to pass safer gun laws because they’re terrified of upsetting their NRA patrons and the frothing firearm fetishists who make up a large chunk of their constituencies.

Republicans are willing to overlook the deaths of innocents if it means they can remain in power and are willing to place the blame for gun violence on everything from video games to mental health to avoid confronting the real problem.

A new report in The Wall Street Journal sheds some light on the gun debate currently bubbling within the Trump administration. Trump is feeling the media pressure to take some action, any action, to curb gun violence but is unsure how to proceed.

First Daughter Ivanka is apparently pushing to “close background check loopholes” while First Son Donald Trum Jr. is doing the opposite, telling the president that certain new gun regulations could alienate his base.

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Disturbingly, President Trump referred to his infamously incompetent and bumbling son at a fundraiser as his “gun expert” who  “knows more about guns than anyone I know.” While the First Son is known for his love of using guns to kill big game animals, one struggles to imagine him being an expert in anything beyond self-owning himself on Twitter (see here, here, and here, also here).

More importantly, even if Donald Trump Jr. were the world’s premier authority on the use and maintenance of firearms he’d still be utterly unqualified to weigh in on the gun legislation conversation. Just because he likes to shoot guns doesn’t mean he should have any say in the steps we as a country take to prevent the future slaughter of men, women, and children.

Further, lest we forget, while every president in history has divested himself of potentially conflicting business interests, Trump chose to instead install his sons at the helm of the Trump Organization, pretending that there would be a wall between his financial interests and his service to the nation. Clearly, no such barrier ever existed, but this admission about Trump Jr. is the latest evidence that the Trumps aren’t even bothering to pretend to be above board anymore.

The fact that the president is relying on this overgrown manchild for guidance on this question shows how fundamentally unequipped this administration is to do deal with this growing problem.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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