September 27, 2022

Trump just lashed out at his fellow Republicans for defending Chris Cuomo against him

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For all of the outrage that Donald Trump inspires with his words and actions, he is nothing if not predictable in his behavior. In fact, the only truly unpredictable aspects of Trump’s behavior are the people or groups he targets on any given day and the exact form factor his latest outrage may take.


Take for example Trump’s fixation today with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo who — as an employee of one of the president’s favorite media punching bags and the brother of the Democratic governor of his home state — provides an attractive target belonging to two separate groups that Trump loves to pummel.

After tweeting and retweeting multiple posts about the younger Cuomo brother’s viral encounter with a heckler who disparagingly called him “Fredo,” after the cowardly younger brother in the Godfather movies, earlier in the day, Trump was back at it in the afternoon.

This time he angrily lashed out at Republicans who defended the CNN anchor against Trump’s prior attacks condemning Cuomo’s aggressive behavior towards the heckler — behavior that pales in comparison to the president’s own daily unhinged attacks on his opponents.

One can easily assume that the “Conservative” the president refers to in his tweet, refers to himself, although there is no lack of “lunatic ranting, raving, & cursing” Republicans who would fit the description as well. Yes, we’re looking at you Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Devin Nunes, Duncan Hunter, Mark Meadows, et al.

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Trump seems to be complaining about a tweet from Fox propagandist and unofficial top presidential adviser Sean Hannity, who tweeted earlier in the day “good for @ChrisCuomo… Imho Chris Cuomo has zero to apologize for. He deserves the apology.”

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The rare break between Trump and Hannity happened shortly after the president tweeted this spiteful insult at the CNN anchor over video of an encounter with a conservative heckler went viral:


Not content with merely attacking a CNN journalist, Trump continued to expand his attack to the cable news network itself with his next tweet, since truthful news reporting has an effect on Trump similar to that of Kryptonite on DC Comics’ most famous superhero.

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Trump’s obsessive-compulsive attacks on the media and his other frequent targets indicate a strong possibility that he suffers from a number of mental disorders in addition to the Narcissistic Personality Disorder with which he has been often said to embody.

With that in mind, take a look at this list of cognitive and psychological symptoms of dementia published by the Mayo Clinic and decide for yourself whether you think Donald Trump is still fit — if he ever was— for the presidency.

  • Cognitive changes

    • Memory loss, which is usually noticed by a spouse or someone else
    • Difficulty communicating or finding words
    • Difficulty with visual and spatial abilities, such as getting lost while driving
    • Difficulty reasoning or problem-solving
    • Difficulty handling complex tasks
    • Difficulty with planning and organizing
    • Difficulty with coordination and motor functions
    • Confusion and disorientation

    Psychological changes

    • Personality changes
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Inappropriate behavior
    • Paranoia
    • Agitation
    • Hallucinations

This is exactly the situation that the 25th Amendment to the Constitution was designed for.

It’s time to use it.

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