Trump just hurled a misogynistic insult at Mika Brzezinski in wild attack on MSNBC hosts

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While Donald Trump may deny that he is currently on vacation — despite having left the White House for a scheduled two weeks in the familiar comfort of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club where he will be working hard utilizing his “executive time” — he certainly seems to enough time free from pondering heavy matters of state to send critical tweets about his former associates.

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After an earlier tweet attacking his former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, the indolent commander-in-chief went after a fellow spawn of Queens, NY and former cast-mate on The Apprentice, MSNBC host Donny Deutsch.

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Unlike with comedian Bill Maher’s program where the president saw Scaramucci, Trump at least didn’t pretend to view Deutsch’s program accidentally but admitted to willingly watching it for his own amusement.

Trump’s comments on his old acquaintance demonstrate his jealousy and pettiness when confronted with any situation where he himself is not the clear center of attention.

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It also raises the important question of why the President of the United States is wasting his time playing TV critic and gossip columnist rather than tending to the needs of the nation.

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However, given Trump’s demonstrable inability to competently perform any of the functions of his job, his inattention to his duties may be the greatest blessing we can expect in the current situation.

Trump is more than competent, however, at needlessly cruel insults and insinuations, as his bonus beats of misogynistic humiliation — and an inexplicable question mark regarding her marital status — aimed at MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Scarborough demonstrate.

While Trump denigrates Donny Deutsch, the former advertising executive-turned-political commentator, for his outsized ambition, he fails to see — as usual — his own reflection in the accusations he hurls at his former associate.

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After all, this is someone who has ruined a perfectly good country through his own ambitions to become president and, unlike Mr. Deutsch, had to rely on foreign assistance and subterfuge to achieve those ambitions.

And with the lowest average approval rating of any modern president over the course of his presidency, Donald should be ashamed to be discussing low ratings.

One can only hope that that the obvious anger and bitterness festering in whatever passes for a soul in this poor excuse for a human being — this joker who is now our president — is eating away at his interior and will appreciably shorten the time he besmirches our planet.

That eventuality will likely garner Trump the highest approval he’ll ever get.

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