Trump just misspelled his own name and Twitter cannot stop laughing

Donald Trump is the polar opposite of Barack Obama. Where the latter is erudite and intelligent, the former is crude and willfully ignorant. Obama’s nuanced understanding of world politics and his voracious appetite to learn has been replaced with Trump’s inability to understand even basic geopolitical concepts and borderline illiteracy.

Unfortunately, we’ve come to expect the most moronic of statements and embarrassing of gaffes from this president. Every day he’s in power,  the world takes us just a little less seriously.

Now, Trump has once again made himself a laughingstock. As is his odious habit, he took to Twitter this morning to spew vitriol and misinformation. He talked about a meeting with Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, and rambled about “Crooked Hillary” and election interference, although he has demonstrated a consistent disinterest in the latter so long as it benefits him.

Trump then accused Google of trying to make him lose the 2016 election and name-dropped Kevin Cernekke, a so-called “conservative whistleblower” from the company who it turns out was accused of pushing alt-right and white nationalist views internally. In other words,  he’s exactly the type of person a man like Trump would invoke.

Attacking social media and tech companies, in general, has become a favorite strategy of right-wingers as they seek to blame others for the GOP’s sinking popularity rather than confronting the fact that its plutocratic, bigoted agenda is driving Americans away in droves.

The president ended the tweetstorm by talking about a segment on Lou Dobbs Tonight, perhaps the most dishonest and sycophantic show on a network drowning in them. But it wasn’t the conspiracy theory peddling that caught the eyes of the internet, it was that while trying to play the victim he claimed that Google “boosted negative stories on Donald Ttump,” misspelling his own name in the process.

Everyone makes typos, yes, but in Trump’s case this is just the latest example of a complete lack of attention to detail and demonstrates how casually and willy-nilly he blasts out tweets to his millions of followers.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to notice the embarrassing typo and have an absolute field day with it. If this man should be expected to spell any word properly it’s his own surname, the word he’s been emblazoning across buildings and products in obnoxious gold font for decades. The mockery was brutal.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.