The El Paso Police just verified the Walmart shooter’s manifesto as genuine


Investigators are now saying that they are “reasonably confident” that a manifesto allegedly posted online by the shooter in the El Paso Walmart murders is genuine.

The white nationalist screed was posted on the nether regions of the 8chan forums popular with neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups about an hour before the shootings began.

With the death toll now reaching 20 people, with an additional 40 people injured, the document is now being examined as a “nexus to a potential hate crime,” according to El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen who spoke at a press conference.

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The manifesto confirms that the shooter, now identified as Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, was an adherent of the reprehensible white nationalist belief in the “great replacement” which posits that immigrants will take over America and leave current American citizens as a minority in their own country.

His essay also expresses other white supremacist views such as an opposition to “race-mixing” and hatred for Democratic politicians whom they see as enabling the “invasion” by Hispanics. Given that Texas, the state that Crusius lives in and professes his love for, was originally a part of Mexico, the invasion he fears took place long before there were any Americans living on that piece of the planet.

Crusius’ manifesto is remarkably articulate coming from someone whose mind is so horridly twisted by despicably evil ideology.


You can get insight into the shooter’s horrendously misguided rationale for his sick actions by reading the document attached to the tweet below.

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