August 14, 2022

Donald Trump Jr. was just ridiculed on the web for his tone-deaf Joe Biden tweet

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Donald Trump Jr.’s tone-deafness prevented him from seeing the extreme irony of his Twitter post this morning.


The president’s eldest son is obviously not blind, but his failure to foresee the criticism he would face when forwarding this particular Politico article indicates an unparalleled dumbness that is apparently an inherited trait within his family.

The Politico article in question is a story about how the family of former Vice President Joe Biden — now the leading Democratic contender to take on Don Jr.’s father in the 2020 presidential contest — leveraged the Biden name and reputation to help make their fortunes.

With Don Jr. now rumored to be considering a political career of his own by launching a bid for mayor of New York City and given that his own wealth — like that of his father’s — was inherited from his own family through the violation of numerous tax regulations and suspect charitable fraud, the presidential son’s failure to see the comparisons that would be made between the Biden children and the lives of himself and his siblings is incomprehensible.

Don Jr.’s limited self-awareness had predictable consequences on Twitter as outraged users piled on to point out the hypocrisy and privilege so inherent in his thoughtless tweet.

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Perhaps next time Donald Trump Jr. will gird his loins, put on his thinking cap, clench his jaw and crease his brow, and think really, really hard before sending out another tweet.

Given his family name, however, it’s doubtful that that level of cogitation is possible.

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