February 2, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. just got owned by Comedy Central after trying to dis the Democratic debates

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While one doesn’t expect Donald Trump Jr. to be an unbiased observer when commenting on the Democratic Primary presidential debates, you might be charitable enough to think that he would have the intelligence to not offer such a huge opening for a stinging comeback when tweeting his snide remarks attacking his father’s potential opponents.


If you were indeed that naive about Trump Jr.’s intellectual capacity, you would find yourself greatly disappointed.

Take, for instance, the tweet sent last night by the president’s eldest son after the second of two nights of Democratic candidates vying to gain an advantage over each other in the debates during the race for the nomination.

Yuk, yuk, Don Jr.!

You may want to reconsider if you were thinking of giving up your day job for a career in stand-up comedy.

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The folks running Comedy Central’s social media accounts noticed Trump Jr.’s tweet and – presumably after a brief consultation with their programming department — disabused the scion of the Trump family of the soundness of his idea with a devastatingly wicked — and frighteningly accurate — comeback.

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Cue the rimshot!

One can only imagine Donald Trump Jr. slinking away in shame after being owned so completely by the professional comedy experts at Viacom’s Comedy Central channel.

Next time, don’t try to play with the big boys, Don.

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