February 2, 2023

An ex-Trump Organization vice president just exposed a serious Trump lie

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The enormity of Donald Trump’s pathological compulsion to lie about everything in his life was reinforced today by a former senior Trump Organization executive.


Barbara Res, once Trump’s vice president in charge of construction confirmed that Trump’s long-told story of having narrowly missed boarding a helicopter that later killed five people in a fiery crash was completely made up.

Res appeared on MSNBC‘s The Beat with Ari Melber yesterday and told the story of the three Trump casino executives and the two crew members who were killed in the 1989 helicopter accident while returning to Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City from New York City after promoting a boxing match the company was planning between World Boxing Organization junior welterweights Hector Camacho and Vinny Pazienza.

According to contemporaneous accounts of the disaster, “sources said Trump himself was scheduled to be on the flight but decided at the last minute he was too busy to leave New York,” as the United Press International dispatch wrote at the time.

Barbara Res confirmed to Melber that the story was something concocted by Trump for his own self-aggrandizement and a “total, total lie” promoted by the shady real estate developer.

“It wasn’t very long” after the crash “that he was putting out the word that he was supposed to be on that plane or that helicopter, and he didn’t at the last minute, he got pulled off the plane,” Res said. “In other words, he’d be dead now.”

While that would have been a boon for future generations, the truth is that Trump was never actually intended to be on the flight and thus never faced a bit of danger, save from any STD’s the notoriously adulterous philanderer may have picked up the time.

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Indeed, press accounts of the accident at the time immediately after the disaster make no mention of Trump’s intention to join the casino executives on the flight.

The former Trump Organization executive excoriated the president for his attempt at unearned pity, condemning him for “making himself part of the story, a very important story and undermining the fact that three people died, just like he is undermining what happened in 9/11 by exploiting it.”

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The revelation of Trump’s pathetic attempt to bask in media glory came as the MSNBC host was discussing the president’s groundless claim that he “spent a lot of time” with the 9/11 first responders at the site of the World Trade Center collapse in lower Manhattan on after the terrorist attacks.

Given Trump’s alienation from the concept of truth, one can only hope that the next story that Trump will have to lie about is that time that he escaped being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors by exposing his investigators as deep-state conspirators.

Hopefully, that impeachment will be a reality that will be impossible for him to spin into any sort of positive message about himself with.

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Original reporting by Lee Moran at HuffPost.

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