June 26, 2022

Trump just blew up at a Fox News reporter for covering him getting heckled by Muslim lawmaker

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After Donald Trump stood silently this morning as a Virginia State Delegate interrupted his Jamestown, Virginia speech to commemorate the 400th anniversary of representative democracy in America with a vocal protest, he initially seemed to merely brush off the disruption of his remarks.


In remarks to reporters after he returned to the White House, however, Trump was fuming over the incident and revealed the real reason that he was upset.

It wasn’t the protest that bothered him, apparently, but the fact that his beloved Fox News focused solely on the protest and cut his actual speech out of their coverage of the event.

Trump expressed his frustration directly to a Fox News reporter who asked him about the protestor at a press scrum on the White House lawn this afternoon.

It’s difficult to discern whether Trump was more angry about his speech being left on the cutting room floor and being denied valuable face time on the cable news network favored by his supporters or about the protestor’s ability to criticize his persistent racist messaging to a large audience with an effective counter-message.

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Trump did finally admit one potentially politically damaging fact during his banter with reporters this afternoon as the second video clip above shows.

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“There’s no strategy. I have no strategy. There’s zero strategy,” Trump declared when asked about his seemingly unending flow of racist attacks on lawmakers of color.

It’s uncertain if he realized the implications of his statement when applied to the whole of his presidency, even though it so obviously serves as a perfect explanation of Trump’s usual modus operandi.

The embattled president continues to strike out frantically at all of his perceived enemies without rhyme or reason beyond a vindictive need to respond pugnaciously to any criticism or investigation of his actions.

Trump’s punch drunk attacks continue to isolate him from mainstream American decency and to drag his followers further away from the unified vision of America as a land of opportunity for all — a vision that has traditionally been the nation’s hallmark.

All the more reason to ensure that he be removed from office before he further divides our country.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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