March 29, 2023

Trump just called Elijah Cummings a racist in a wild tweetstorm about the “race card”

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Donald Trump confirmed his profile as a prototypical racist with a new series of tweets that doubled down on his attacks on House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

After being universally condemned for his attacks on the African American Maryland representative, Trump took the predictable route of denying his own obvious bigotry and accusing his critics — and Congressman Cummings himself — of being the racist ones in this distractive controversy of his own making.

Trump may accuse the Democrats of playing “the race card” but remember that he himself was the dealer of this particular hand when he launched the unprovoked attack yesterday on the leader of one of the many congressional committees dedicated to looking into the multiple instances of malfeasance and criminality within the Trump administration.

Trump’s seeming perception that a congressman is responsible for any less than pristine conditions at any location within his district begs the question as to whether the president himself would accept his own responsibility for the poverty and crumbling infrastructure pervasive in the many areas of the country — particularly in the Rust Belt states that were crucial to his election — under his tenure in office.

Trump’s next tweet made it clear that not only would he reject any personal responsibility for improving America’s most downtrodden districts, but that he wouldn’t even take responsibility for his own clear bigotry.

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Instead, he assigned Representative Cummings with the attributive title that so rightfully should be applied to himself, without even giving any reason for the epithet of racist that he applies.

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Trump’s ridicule of Cumming’s “radical ‘oversight'” proves that his bullying attacks on the man overseeing investigations into his criminal conduct are motivated primarily by his instinct for self-preservation.

His tweet could easily be rewritten to make it truthful.

“If racist Donald Trump would focus more of his energy on helping the good people of America, perhaps progress could be made in fixing the mess that he has helped to create over too many years of incompetent leadership. His radical right-wing bigoted “agenda” is a joke!”, it would more properly read.

Trump went on to misrepresent his role in the current economy by again taking credit for the economic trends that were initiated during the Obama presidency and that have continued — despite the current president’s every attempt to derail the economy with disastrous tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and his misguided tariff policies — until the present…so far.

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One can only hope that Trump is holding his breath while waiting for the House Speaker and the Oversight Committee Chairman to offer their thanks.

The blue in his face that will appear while he’s waiting might offset that horrid orange hue that he usually sprays on his visage.

Trump continues to play to his fearful and threatened white nationalist base in hopes of winning reelection. Hopefully, he will soon learn what a horrendous miscalculation this strategy truly is when decent Americans turn out in droves in the 2020 elections and drive Trump and his Republican enablers out of office.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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