A Fox News host just publicly fired back at Trump over his morning attack on the network


A Fox News host showed substantial backbone today by daring to contradict Donald Trump after his whiny criticism of the latest poll from the cable “news” network that shows that both Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders could defeat him in the 2020 election.

Trump’s defensive bluster was on full display as he attacked what is normally his favorite network of fawning sycophants for having changed since they helped elevate him to the White House with their endless repetition of phony conspiracy theories like “Pizzagate” during the 2016 elections.

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Fox News host Julie Banderas saw Trump’s tweet and decided to school the president in how polling actually works by pointing out whose opinions the Fox News polls actually reflect.

If Trump should be angry at anyone for the results of the latest polls from the network that has been his virtual state propaganda outlet, it should be at himself for his dismal performance to date while in office — a record that has obviously alienated a good portion of voters.


With a string of broken promises — from the border wall that was supposed to be paid for by Mexico but hasn’t managed to get beyond replacing existing fencing to the non-existent plans to refurbish America’s crumbling infrastructure to the promise of the elimination of the national debt that has continued to balloon after the republican billionaire tax giveaway — Trump’s performance can only be characterized as dismal, even by the people who support his regressive agenda.

When the president requires a Fox News host to set him straight on the very basics of political polling, you begin to wonder if perhaps his claims of being a “stable genius” are even more outrageous than you thought previously. His stability as a moron, however, remains quite steady.

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Original reporting by Eric W. Dolan At RawStory.

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