A Republican Congressman just got Mueller to reveal a bombshell conclusion about Trump


The Special Counsel just dropped a bombshell about the president’s alleged criminal behavior, and shockingly, it was a Republican Congressman who elicited the bombshell response.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) engaged in a serious and dutiful cross-examination of the tight-lipped Robert Mueller at this morning’s House Judiciary Committee meeting.

Most viewers were probably shocked that a Republican would actually do his job and probe the legal questions that led the Special Counsel’s investigation to a murky ending.

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That’s when Mueller brought clarity by telling the nation that if Donald Trump was no longer in office, he would indict him for criminal obstruction of justice.

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Numerous Republican questioners in the House Judiciary Committee chose to use their time like this crazy Florida man, without asking questions, just to rant about conspiracy theories.

Distinctly, Rep. Buck chose instead to be studious and professional in his line of questioning, and he followed a line of analysis in struggling to defend the president that he might not have realized would lead to a major revelation.

However, that is exactly what Fordham Law professor Jed Sugarman predicted yesterday in Politico, namely that frontally challenging the Special Counsel would be a bad idea:

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Mueller is rightly a respected, revered public servant, which makes any aggressive questioning like a cross-examination along these lines risky and awkward.

He and his office professionally uncovered a president’s crimes, his campaign’s crimes, won a stunning number of convictions in a short period of time under tremendous political pressure and interference.

House Democrats including Reps. Cohen, Nadler, Cicilline, and Lieu used their questioning to directly attack the president’s defenses and tell a story of grossly criminal behavior on today’s nationally televised hearings.

But it is destined to be that the former Special Counsel’s answer to a Republican Congressman that President Trump should be criminally charged and tried after he leaves office is the clip from the House Judiciary hearing that will dominate news coverage and to leave a mark on history from the proceedings.

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