Trump just let his fear of tomorrow’s Mueller testimony show in a desperate tweet tonight

How nervous is Donald Trump at the prospect of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary ad Intelligence Committees tomorrow?

Judging from his text a little while ago, pretty damn nervous.

Trump lashed out angrily when he discovered that Mueller would be accompanied by a Republican lawyer, but one of those endangered “Never Trump” Republicans who have practically disappeared from the Washington DC political scene since the GOP abandoned all their principles in exchange for the fulfillment of their lust for power under the tutelage of the morals-free president.

While Trump may rage about what a “disgrace to our system” this development may be, the truth is that his total contempt for the rule of law and his disregard for the constitutional separation of powers is the real disgrace.

The crybaby president wails about unfairness and a “rigged Witch Hunt” when his only measure of fairness is whether his crimes will be uncovered and whether he will be held accountable for his actions in any form — something that he’s managed to spend his life avoiding thus far through his sly machinations and personal fixers on his payroll.

Not content to play the helpless victim, Trump shifted to the offense with a second tweet attacking one of the committee members who will be grilling Mueller tomorrow, Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Trump even goes after his beloved Fox News in this tweeted missive, accusing them of going too easy on the representative who was the first of the Democratic presidential candidates to abandon the overcrowded race in the face of anemic poll numbers.

The president may have felt a bit better after venting his spleen, but rest assured, we can expect even more destructive volcanic eruptions to appear on his Twitter feed once Mueller is sworn in before Congress and the interrogations begin.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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