August 11, 2022

Omarosa just revealed how Trump team secretly organizes racist chants at his rallies

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Trump’s reality TV techniques just got exposed by the former White House aide he made famous on NBC‘s The Apprentice.


Omarosa Manigault Newman spilled the beans on how Trump rallies really work this past weekend on two MSNBC programs.

First, she went on to Saturday Night Politics and revealed that Trump’s rallies deploy “section leaders” from the campaign, whose jobs it is to start the chants.

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Then, Omarosa stunningly revealed exactly who is coordinating the staging, choreography, and chants at Trump rallies, someone connected to the highest levels of the Trump Administration.

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She says that Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence is a key cog in driving the “crowd narrative” inside a typical Trump hate rally.

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Ironically, Omarosa Maginault entered the Trump Administration as one of its staffers with the most federal experience, having worked for Vice President Gore’s office and in the Department of Commerce, which fired her.

However, she put that experience to good use when it came to secretly recording what Trump Administration officials were up to in the White House.

That is probably why not a single story of hers in her book “Unhinged” has been debunked, even though it contained lots of “explosive allegations.”

Trump’s campaign welcomes the former member of a murderous cult nicknamed “Michael the Black Man,” who is nearly always given front row seats when in attendance so he can hold his “Blacks for Trump” sign high for the cameras to spot.

The results are tragic.

For example, a south Florida man is now best known as the MAGA Bomber after being radicalized at Trump’s hate rallies.

Last year, the president won a court appeal of the civil lawsuit that tried to hold him accountable for inciting violence at his rallies.

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But ABC News found there are at least seventeen credible claims that Trump incited violence at a political rally, and sixteen of those were “striking” in their direct use of his white nationalist and/or fascist political rhetoric.

Last week, even die-hard right-wing bloviator Piers Morgan admitted that Trumpism is “bordering” on fascism.

Manigault attended many Trump rallies in 2016, and her revelation of their utterly contrived nature shouldn’t surprise anyone since even the dictionary noted back then that searches for stochastic terrorism spiked after he incited violence during the last presidential campaign.

But what is surprising is the high degree of top-level coordination between Donald Trump’s incendiary remarks, and his handlers in the crowd who are in charge of whipping up racist chants.

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