February 1, 2023

Trump just lashed out at NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman over his latest critical editorial

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President Trump took to Twitter this morning and furiously vented his anger over a recent column in the New York Times that accurately labeled him a “racist.”


Taking aim at three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman, Trump executed a vicious personal attack on the journalist like no other president in recent memory would dare to for fear of being labeled a demagogue and opponent of our First Amendment press freedoms.

Trump’s nasty characterization of Friedman as “weak and pathetic” is typical of his thin-skinned reaction to any sort of criticism directed at what he seems to believe is his own infallibility.

The president’s pointing out the journalist’s fondness for golf and his insinuation that he merely fits in his writing work in between rounds is laughable given that it would be a perfectly applicable description of Trump’s own weekly schedule, if you were only to add in a dose of daily “executive time” mostly dedicated to watching Fox News, if one is to believe White House insider accounts.

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It is Trump’s claim of responsibility for “the tremendous economic success of our Country & the turnaround that my Administration has caused” that totally insults the intelligence of the American public with arrogant impunity, however.

As this graph of the gross domestic product of the United States in the years before the Trump administration took power clearly shows, the upward trajectory of the economy was steady and unbroken during the previous administration after the measures Obama took to turnaround the disastrous 2008 economic collapse engineered by Republicans and the G. W. Bush regime.

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Trump’s attempts to claim credit for the economic turnaround are as false as just about everything else that spews forth from his mouth.

One has to wonder why the president is so angry that Friedman was polite and respectful with him during their phone call. Would he have been happier if the journalist had been insulting and derisive while they were speaking?

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Perhaps the only way to gain the president’s respect is to treat him as badly and disrespectfully as he treats everyone who opposes him, but his treatment of the four progressive Democratic congresswomen who have been openly defiant of his policies seems to indicate that that approach would be equally unsuccessful.

The only conclusion to be drawn is that President Trump is a malevolent misanthropic narcissist who can’t handle an iota of negative feedback without collapsing into paroxysms of fury and retribution, no matter how one approaches him.

As for Friedman, he responded to the president’s attack with a simple explanation of his motivations and a casually brutal assessment of Trump’s tenure to date that was as polite as his earlier phone call with the president.

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