May 18, 2022

Eric Trump just stunned the nation with a breathtaking lie about his father

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If mathematical ability is at least partially inherited genetically, then Eric Trump’s latest statement about his father may be somewhat understandable.


After all, Donald Trump managed to parlay an illicit inheritance from his father of the equivalent of $413 million into six business bankruptcies to date — mostly of casinos where the house has a substantial edge in the odds — demonstrating an unusually inept grasp of financial calculations.

Trump’s second son Eric seems to have no better math skills than his deadbeat dad —  nor any more compunction in spreading outright lies — judging from his latest pronouncement on Fox & Friends this morning.

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“My father is in there, and he’s fighting every single day,” said Eric. “And he has to fight against the media. He has to fight against these lunatics. And guys, I’m telling you, 95 percent of this country is behind him in this message. I mean, people love this nation.”

Perhaps Eric’s reading skills are as deficient as his mastery of those fractions used to generate percentages since he seems to be unable to read the results of every opinion poll ever conducted by a reputable research firm concerning his father’s performance as president.

Trump’s favorability ratings have never exceeded 46 percent during his term among according to the aggregate of polls compiled by RealClear Politics and currently stand at 44.4 percent.

Even when pollsters restrict their samples to purely Republican voters, President Trump couldn’t muster a 95% job approval rating, only reaching a 72 percent favorability level.

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Let’s give Eric Trump the benefit of the doubt and assume that perhaps he was merely referring to public approval of his father’s Twitter feud with the four progressive Democratic congresswomen whom he’s sent tweets about that were condemned by the House of Representatives as racist and offensive just yesterday.

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With this caveat, Eric Trump’s claim about the level of support for his father would still be a wildly overblown lie.

A recent poll by USA TODAY/Ipsos discovered that 68 percent of people who were familiar with President Trump’s tweets about “the squad” found his behavior offensive.

Among Republicans, however, that number drops to 43 percent, revealing just how thoroughly Trump’s un-American racist ideology has penetrated the GOP rank and file.

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No matter whether Eric Trump’s delusional sense of the numbers of Americans who support his father’s abhorrent behavior is the result of a mathematical deficiency or simply a naked attempt at pure and misleading propaganda, his claims do little to counter his reputation as the dim bulb in the Trump family chandelier as he’s often portrayed parodically on Saturday Night Live.

You can watch Eric Trump make his outrageous claims for yourself in the video attached to the tweet below.

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Original reporting by Matthew Chapman at RawStory.

Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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