January 30, 2023

Trump’s Labor Secretary just got publicly called out for lying to try and save his career

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Trump’s embattled Labor Secretary held a press conference today in what could have been a last-ditch effort to save his job — but the state prosecutor that he blamed for his own failings just revealed his pitiful excuses to be little more than the thinnest of lies.


Today, Secretary Alex Acosta trotted out a series of distractions, blame, and baloney to try to convince the media that his overt lawbreaking was someone else’s fault.

But there’s no plausible way to deny that he was the chief architect of the mother of all sweetheart deals.

Former Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer, in a statement this afternoon, exposed Acosta statements to the national media for what they were: transparent lies to try and save his own skin.

Krischer wrote:

I can emphatically state that Mr. Acosta’s recollection of this matter is completely wrong.

[He] should not be allowed to re-write history.

“Federal prosecutors do not take a back seat to state prosecutors,” continued Krischer, completely deconstructing Acosta’s contrived excuse to reporters. “That’s not how the system works in the real world.”

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The former State Attorney is not the only legal professional taking exception to Acosta’s accounting of events. Numerous former U.S. Attorneys and Attorneys General have agreed with with Krischer’s conclusion that Acosta’s explanation is simply not plausible.

Krischer wasn’t exactly a hero in the case, referring the case to a grand jury instead of filing criminal information to arrest the billionaire Palm Beach socialite based upon a wealth of evidence collected by the local police.

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But it was then-U.S. Attorney Acosta who broke the Crime Victim’s Rights Act to conceal the billionaire’s plea agreement and testimony from Epstein’s numerous teenaged victims — a coverup that largely succeeded until the Miami Herald’s Julie K. Brown broke the story wide open late last year.

Then, lawyers for the teenage girls trafficked and sexually assaulted by Epstein secured a court judgment that plainly stated Acosta broke the law to help the predator, earlier this year.

Crucially, Brown convinced the victims to talk, which helped lead to the billionaire’s arrest by New York federal prosecutors on charges dating back to the same time period as his offenses in Florida.

Today, the Miami-based journalist took the time to rebut Acosta’s lies, one-by-one in a video column.

Jeffrey Epstein is currently being held without bail pending further hearings where he joins Trump’s convicted former campaign manager Paul Manafort and drug kingpin El Chapo in a Manhattan federal jail.

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Prosecutors in New York only filed a few charges against Epstein, but they’re enough to take away his mansions in Palm Beach and Manhattan, and to put him away for up to 45-years if he’s convicted and given the maximum.

Here’s Julie Brown’s rebuttal of Alex Acosta’s lies:

Here’s the complete statement:


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