August 14, 2022

Trump just launched a viciously personal attack on the British ambassador over insulting email leak

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Yesterday, Donald Trump lashed out at British Prime Minister Theresa May after emails from the UK’s Ambassador to the United States leaked, revealing that he had referred to Trump as “inept.” The president hurled childish insults via Twitter and then seemed to calm down.


Now, it appears that Trump it still stewing over the insulting (but accurate) description of his capabilities as he has once again launched a tweet attack and this time it was even more personal.

Trump came out of the corner swinging by referring to the ambassador, Sir Kim Darroch, as “wacky” and someone who was “foisted” onto the United States by the UK.  He claimed that the Americans have not been “thrilled” with Darroch even though just yesterday he insisted that he does not know the man. Our infamously ignorant leader then sank right into the gutter by calling the ambassador “a very stupid guy,” demonstrating for the umpteenth time that Trump has absolutely no diplomatic tact.

The president then returned to bashing May, claiming once again that her troubles with Brexit stem from not listening to some unspecified, nebulous advice he gave her about how to handle it properly. He added that her way was “foolish” and resulted in “disaster.” Conveniently, he failed to mention any specifics about what he supposedly proposed.

As was noted yesterday, it must be pointed out that the odds of Trump’s having even a rudimentary understanding of the details of Brexit are exceedingly low. The man barely understands anything about his own country, as demonstrated by his disastrous policies and repeated ignorance over how international trade, and specifically tariffs, work.

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Trump moved into extremely Trumpian territory by bragging about how the USA has the best economy and military in the world, two things which were true long before he stepped into the Oval Office.

The president then addressed himself directly by disturbingly writing “Thank you, Mr. President!” in as pathetic a self-pat on the back as one can imagine. This man is a national embarrassment and he should spend more time working and shedding his inept tendencies instead of attacking those who simply point them out.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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