February 4, 2023

Trump just unloaded a wild barrage of tweets in incoherent outburst at his enemies

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Donald Trump had a lot on his mind this morning. As he is apt to do, he rolled out of bed and his little fingers immediately set about atapping, blasting his paranoid and inane thoughts out into the Twitterverse.


He started by attacking the state of New York like he did yesterday, which shows you just how much the ongoing investigations in the New York Attorney General’s office are dominating his thoughts.

The president claimed that people are “fleeing New York like never before,” once again failing to provide so much as a scrap of evidence for this theory. He said business owners are even more likely to flee and that those being “harassed” by the state AG are moving to Texas.

It doesn’t take a detective to see that once again he is obliquely complaining about how he and his companies are being treated, as they are deeply embroiled in investigations. By painting Attorney General Letitia James and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as out of control partisans, he is hoping to get ahead of whatever discoveries they might make about past crimes of his. The ploy is as transparent as it is pointless.

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The president’s scattershot brain then immediately moved into pitchman mode, and he plugged the new book by Mark Levin, one of the most dishonest, consistently pro-Trump blowhards in the Fox media sphere. Trump urged his followers to keep the book at “number one.” Word of advice: spare yourself some brain cells and avoid reading any of Levin’s books.

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Trump then decided to revisit the 2016 election for the umpteenth time, presumably because winning the presidency is his only real achievement to date, given that he has failed to pass any major legislation since assuming the Oval Office beyond the massive handout to the super wealthy that were his tax cuts.

The president said that he won “EVERY” debate against “Crooked Hillary Clinton” according to the polls, which is patently false given that many polls showed Clinton winning every debate. He rounded out the frankly downright pathetic tweet by stating that he thinks the current crop of Democratic candidates for president look easier to beat than Clinton, which is ironic since most polls predict just about every single one of them ultimately beating him at the ballot box.

He threw in a little brag about the economy, absurdly insisting that it’s “BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN.”

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Trump then brought up his plans for the 4th of July, which he hopes to turn into an overwhelming show of military strength, mimicking the dictatorial displays put on by men like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The president even wants there to be tanks on display in D.C., an unprecedented display of jingoism and authoritarianism.  The entire thing reeks of cryptofascism.

The tweetstorm finally came to an end with Trump whining about the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been asked to testify in front of Congress.  Trump said he must “only stick to the Report” which, even if he does, could spell bad news for the president given the fact that it contains ten different occasions on which it appears that he sought to obstruct justice. Like a broken record, Trump complained about the “Witch Hunt” and said that the “Great Hoax is dead!” Of course, if he really he thought his Mueller troubles were over he wouldn’t be tweeting about him in the first place.

President Trump is deeply worried about a battery of pitfalls for his presidency and his guilty conscience refuses to let him remain silent. That said, a worried Trump is a good thing for America because it means there are still things out there waiting to be exposed and a chance he might yet end up the target of impeachment inquiries.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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