Mike Pence just rushed back to White House for mysterious emergency

In these days when any word emanating from the White House needs to be seriously examined to determine whether it bears any semblance of a relationship with the truth, the news this morning of an unspecified emergency meeting raises concerns about whether a real crisis is emerging or if President Trump has gotten so desperate that he’s initiating the “great distraction’ to take attention away from the many fruitful investigations into his alleged criminal conduct.

However, given the reports that not only was Vice President Mike Pence asked to turn around on Air Force 2 to return to Washington from a scheduled event in New Hampshire to discuss the opioid crisis, but that Russian President Vladimir Putin also canceled a scheduled event to meet with his defense minister and that the European Union Security Council has decided to quickly convene, it appears that whatever this undisclosed emergency may be, it is of global importance.

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With no details about the nature of the emergency, speculation is that it is a military issue in nature, primarily due to the stories of Putin meeting with his defense minister.

As a developing story, details are sure to follow shortly throughout the day.

Given the secretive nature of the “emergency”, the internet is abuzz with worried citizens wondering what the crisis may be and speculating whether it is real or part of a scheme hatched by Trump and Putin in their recent meeting at the G-20 summit.

Absent any press briefings from the White House, speculation is all we have for now. Stay tuned for new developments throughout the day.

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