August 16, 2022

NY’s Attorney General just hit back with fiery defense after Trump attack on her state’s probe of his crooked charity

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After President Trump telegraphed what may be some unwanted upcoming legal movement in the Trump Organization matters being investigated by New York State prosecutors with a paranoid tweet storm this morning directed at his native state and its officials, New York State Attorney General Letitia James felt compelled to defend her office and its dedication to the rule of law that the president contemptuously seems to regard as inapplicable to his own behavior.


Trump declared the New York state investigations into his “charitable” foundation — you know, the one that he used as a personal piggy bank to purchase pricey portraits of himself to hang at his golf resorts and was forced to close due to a “shocking pattern of illegality” — to be “another part of the political Witch Hunt.”

One can imagine Trump tweeting his claims of being an innocent victim as he stirs a steaming cauldron of eye of newt and toadstool potion, but Attorney General James wasn’t going to let the president’s baseless accusations go unanswered.

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Following the facts?!?! What a toxic concept to the king of lies!

America is quite lucky to have an Attorney General in New York State who still recognizes the principle that not even President Trump is above the law.

If only the molasses-slow Democratic House of Representatives would act with urgency on the same principle and begin formal impeachment hearings.

In the meantime, we await some concrete actions from the prosecutors in New York that will hold the president and his shady real estate empire accountable for whatever violations of the law they may have committed — and there will likely be many, judging from The New York Times coverage of the Trump family tax avoidance schemes and other Trump Organization scandals.

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