August 18, 2022

Ivanka Trump just triggered a tidal wave of backlash after bragging about her G20 speech

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Ivanka Trump accompanied her father to the G20 summit in Japan this weekend, her presence justified by nothing beyond the rank nepotism we’ve come to expect from this deeply corrupt administration. The First Daughter, who has no real diplomatic background and no real accomplishments beyond inheriting a ton of money and operating a series of sweatshops, managed to place herself front and center at the historic event.


She weaseled herself into several prominent pictures with world leaders which in turn prompted an understandable backlash. People demanded to know what she was doing there and why she was being treated like a member of her father’s cabinet. Much of the commentary was drenched in mockery and sarcasm.

At one point, a viral video exploded on Twitter. In it, Ivanka is seen hovering at the edge of a group of leaders, trying to get a word in during a conversation between French President Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Theresa May. While not going so far as to tell her to buzz off, the two are clearly just barely tolerating her presence, alternating between ignoring her completely and acknowledging her inane comments dismissively. Ivanka herself seems visibly uncomfortable, as if aware that she doesn’t belong.

Rather than slink off in embarrassment after the fiasco, Ivanka decided to share a video on Twitter, thanking Japanese Prime Minister Abe for inviting her to speak to the leaders about “empowering women,” something which she continues to pretend she cares about while doing virtually nothing about it, all the while enabling her misogynistic, accused rapist of a father. By now it should be clear: Ivanka Trump doesn’t care about women, Ivanka Trump cares only about Ivanka Trump.

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Twitter users immediately swarmed her to remind her that she is a complete embarrassment to this country with nothing to offer anyone on the world stage. Several of the tweets used the hashtag #UnwantedIvanka, a phrase that works on many levels. Americans don’t want her representing us, and world leaders don’t want to be around her.


One of the funnier trends to emerge involved images of Ivanka Trump photoshopped into historic photos, as clearly out of place in them as she was at the G20.

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The First Daughter’s little escapade didn’t escape mainstream media attention either, and CNN ran a segment dissecting her time at the G20. Suffice it to say, she should think twice before she decides to play diplomat again.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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