Trump just went on a rambling rant about Joe Biden and forced school busing

After the transformative moment at Thursday evening’s second half of the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate — when Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) confronted former Vice President Joe Biden over his position on busing to achieve school integration — it’s only natural for the White House press corps to ask President Trump his opinion on the issue.

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So when given the opportunity to present a question to the president while he was still in Japan for the G-20 summit, one intrepid reporter did just that, asking Trump if he sees busing as a viable way of integrating schools.

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Trump’s response demonstrated that his grasp of the important issues surrounding race and education are as nuanced as his bull-in-a-china-shop diplomatic skills.

While it is reassuring that Trump could recognize the fact that busses are indeed an integral part of the transportation system that delivers students to their classrooms without resorting to Google to look it up, his facile analysis of the school busing issue makes one long for the time when intellectual rigor was still seen as a requirement for attaining the presidency.

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Describing the implementation of busing as heavy-handed at times, perhaps a velvet glove was not the best metaphor for what the president posited as an alternative method to achieve integration as he rambled on somewhat incoherently on the topic without actually saying anything of consequence.

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Trump’s acknowledgment that Joe Biden was “hit hard” by the debate encounter with Senator Harris fails to foresee how strong the impact will be when he’s confronted on his own indefensible immigration policies by the eventual Democratic nominee.

Perhaps the president’s apparent sympathy for Biden reveals his fear of being matched up against a former prosecutor like Kamala Harris in the presidential debates.

After all, America has never seen a sitting president more vulnerable to prosecutors than the unindicted co-conspirator-in-chief, who will likely need to win the next election to avoid indictment for obstruction of justice — at least in the opinion of the over one thousand former federal prosecutors who signed a statement stating as much.

One thing that most Trump opponents can agree on, of course, is that busing will be a primary method to choose from when evaluating options on how to transport Trump and his accomplices in his administration to prison.

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